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Ministry of Education Approves Helen Doron 'Super-Nature' Courses: Children Learn English through Nature.

The Ministry of Education in Germany has added the Super-Nature courses to their official list of approved school materials in selected regions. Developed by the Helen Doron Educational Group, Super-Nature - - motivates children to learn English vocabulary through innovate and exciting nature-oriented stories and activities.

Super-Nature students are really enthused during lessons and totally engaged in singing, acting and playing along with the wonderful story characters in English. They hardly realize they are learning a new language - it comes so naturally.

London PRWEB December 21, 2007 -- Currently Super-Nature offers two high quality courses; each introducing about 500 new English words to children in a fun, age-appropriate learning environment. Children experience 'Green English' through stories and activities centered on nature, ecology, plants and animals with the delightful Super-Nature characters; themselves a group of inquisitive young students. The classroom kit includes hundreds of flashcards, teacher guides and interactive games, rhymes, drama, workbooks, movement and stories, plus lively original songs on CDs that children love to sing in class and at home.

Armin Ritschny, Helen Doron Master Franchisor for Baden-Wuerttemberg and Bayern is very enthusiastic about Super-Nature. “With a population of upwards of 10 million inhabitants, having Super-Nature learning materials approved for schools in my region is an important step. Super-Nature offers many advantages over other school programs; the expert training teachers receive and the wonderful learning materials the children enjoy so much, and also knowing that Super-Nature was developed by the Helen Doron Group, a respected name in educational programs since 1986.”

SuperNature Lessons allow children to participate a range of activities that encourage group cooperation and meet the unique interests and developmental needs for children in grades 1-3. The students use English words and sentence structure, just as they would use their native language. Armin further explains, “This style of learning is a departure from most classrooms in the world, where young children sit still in chairs looking straight ahead. Super-Nature students are really enthused during lessons and totally engaged in singing, acting and playing along with the wonderful story characters in English. They hardly realize they are learning a new language – it comes so naturally.”

Richard Powell, Helen Doron National Coordinator for Germany has recently applied for Ministry of Education approval for Super-Nature materials in the heavily populous regions of Hamburg, Schleswig-Holstein and Mecklenberg-Vorpommern. How effective are Super-Nature courses? Richard tells an amazing story. “In a school offering both regular English classes and the new Super-Nature course, a mother with two children of different ages had one child in 3rd grade attending the regular school English class (with materials provided by the ordinary school curriculum) and the other child in 1st grade learning English with Super-Nature. The Mother is absolutely delighted with the results of the Super-Nature course, and told us that her younger child already knows more English and enjoys the lessons better than the older sibling!”

Teachers enjoy Super-Nature as much as the children do and receive an excellent training program that is quick, intensive and fun. The seminar prepares teachers for a fantastic adventure teaching with the highest quality learning materials, and provides a comprehensive mixture of rationale, methodology, teaching style and hands-on practical experience. Participants are encouraged to utilize techniques such as interactive listening, role-playing and communications skills. Super-Nature courses for grades 1-3 are currently being introduced in many countries around the world and have also received official Ministry of Education approval in Israel.

Quality Helen Doron Group Educational Programs have served over ˝ million babies, children and youth around the world and is franchised globally in over 24 countries with more than 2,000 active teachers. Going strong for over 20 years, Helen Doron provides exciting and enjoyable English and Maths learning programs designed to bring out the very best in each individual child through encouragement and fun, while upholding the high standards of academic excellence.