Super-Nature is taught in school classes.
For small after-school groups, we recommend
Helen Doron English for Children

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‘Authentic Language’ usage in Super-Nature

Super-Nature courses promote authentic language use in teaching English as a second language - that is appropriate and authentic to the children's lives. The vocabulary taught in Super-Nature relates to the young learner's world and offers subject matter that is of interest to them. To keep it fresh and interesting, each lesson involves many different short activities, and presents many different topics. The world of nature is addressed using every day, yet highly communicative 'authentic' vocabulary.

For instance, a classroom lesson on nutrition, using authentic language, should result in children being able to apply the words they've learned in an everyday situation; like selecting a healthful lunch menu. However if they were taught only to identify all the words used in the lesson that ended in 'ly' that would be inauthentic.

Whereas the classroom is clearly a synthetic situation, the tasks, activities and content in Super-Nature have been designed using authentic language, to promote maximum interest and interaction for children. In this way, children's experience a more meaningful lesson; while integrating new vocabulary and reinforcing previously learned material through repetition of words and grammatical structures.

Learning English as a second language in this authentic way can be both a creative and fun experience for ESL kids. They learn primary school English within a natural environment - speaking and understanding as they would their own mother tongue.