Super-Nature is taught in school classes.
For small after-school groups, we recommend
Helen Doron English for Children

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What Super-Nature Offers Children

Parents can be assured that the Super-Nature courses offer English as a second language in a comprehensive, interactive and highly enjoyable package for their children. Lessons encourage group interaction, self-expression and help increase memory skills. Children are engaged in age-appropriate activities using English to learn about nature, ecology, animals, plants and the world around them.
Our ESL kids enjoy the added bonus of listening to and signing along with original music tracks composed especially for the Super-Nature courses. The lively tunes and amusing lyrics are designed to capture the imagination and stimulate English learning in a joyful way, and are also used to reinforce vocabulary learned in the workbooks and special ESL games for kids.
Quality is built-in to the Super-Nature program which is taught in an environment of encouragement and enjoyment for all children. The courses have been developed by pedagogic experts in teaching English as a second language and linguistics, who are also devoted to primary school English teaching methods that build both a child's knowledge-base and self-esteem.
Super-Nature Course Goals