Super-Nature is taught in school classes.
For small after-school groups, we recommend
Helen Doron English for Children

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Welcome to Super-Lesson!

Welcome to Super-Lesson!

First-hand teacher's accounts of how children respond to
Super-Nature lessons.

With Super-Nature, learning English as a second language is easy because it happens naturally, while the children are involved with the stories, acting out parts, doing interesting activities, playing ESL kids games and having fun.
Offering English for primary school ages appears to enhance cognitive development and basic skills performance in young children.

Debbie Sarussi, a "Super" Super-Nature Teacher from Jerusalem, explains a lesson:

“Today I taught the children new English vocabulary with a Super-Nature story centered on a playground and a cat. (The children really enjoy stories about events they can all relate to in their own lives).

We placed the big picture cards on the board in the right order, and listed to, and sang along with the Super-Nature songs for the story on CD. Then I read the story once again. We all recited the transcript for the pictures one by one, and the children numbered them in their activity book.

The children did the work with real interest. Whoever wanted to act out turning into Super-Nature came to the front of the class, and twirled round and round shouting: “Here comes Super-Nature!” Most of the children wanted a try so we did it in pairs.

Whilst retelling the story, I left out some words, such as: tree, cat, all the children's names from the story, thank you, Super-Nature, giraffe etc. The children were able to fill almost all of the missing words. They really remembered the English vocabulary and understood when I gave them instructions in the lesson.

After that, the children then cut out all the pictures for that story and pasted them into their scrap book - in the right order of course. They were so excited, and they did it very well. We all had a very worthwhile and enjoyable lesson.

Refreshing the vocabulary will take place as part of the lesson next time; so the children won't forget, and can build on their new English vocabulary in following Super-Nature stories.”

The Ministry of Education in Germany has added the Super-Nature courses to their official list of approved school materials in selected regions.

Birgit Müller-Kirschner - Master Franchisor for Hessen, relates her success with a Super-Nature Demo Lesson in Germany.

“A demo lesson took place in one of our schools today. It went great. We did a short mix of Super-Nature lessons 1and 2.”

(The lessons include introducing the Super-Nature main character Chloe, her secret, and her young friends by name. Learning the expressions “I am”, “I have”, “I can be” and to further teach the verbs “Listen” and “Colour”. The lesson includes the use of big colour flash cards and the children dramatically speak and act out parts from the story).

“All the kids spoke, they had a lot of fun and at the end of the lesson they screamed 'We want more…'. We were absolutely amazed, it just went perfectly.”