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Why did we develop the Super-Nature Courses?

Jan Müller, Rheinau

The Super-Nature course is an ambitious program that not only provides teachers with the best possible tools to teach English for primary school, but also enables the children to explore and experiment with learning English as a second language through countless fun-filled activities and exciting ESL games for kids. Special poems and activities revolving around the topics of ecology and nature have been added to make the children more aware of the world around them and help them towards becoming more ecologically-minded. When I see the enthusiasm with which my children approach the program topics and the language, I have no doubts that the Super-Nature course opens up a whole new world for expert English second language learning!

When asked what they liked best about the lessons, my ESL kids answered with a resounding: the GAMES! In our area of Germany the kids are required to learn French and although they play games in their French classes what sets our Super-Nature lessons apart is the number of games we play in each lesson. The kids love the action and excitement of the English games for primary school and the fact that they are given the opportunity to use the language they are learning in a fun and motivating atmosphere – over and over again!

With brightly-coloured, A3 flashcards, catchy songs and rhymes, special ESL kids games as well as a teacher´s guide that is so well-organized it takes the “guess work” out of preparations, teaching English as a second language with the Super-Nature program is both fun and rewarding for teachers and children alike!!